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10 Things You Didn't Know Your Android Phone Could Do

ANDROID PHONE HACKS AND TIPS: There's so much your phone can do that you may be missing out on! Here you'll learn how to screen calls, make the most of your map apps, avoid overage fees, save battery life, protect your phone and privacy, and more. Click through for all the phone and tech tips, tricks, ideas, and hacks every android user needs to know!

from The Christian Science Monitor

32 essential Android tips and tricks

Several weeks ago, we highlighted 40 useful iPhone tricks everyone should know. We got such good feedback from that feature that we wanted to share the love with Android users – who, after all, make up the largest proportion of the smart phone community.

from Clarks Condensed: A Family Lifestyle Blog

How to Recover Deleted Photos from an SD Card for Free

Did you accidentally delete photos from your SD card? Here is how you can recover them for free (even if it's been formatted!) via @clarkscondensed


How to Reply to Particular Message in WhatsApp Groups?

from Lifehack

10 Universal Android Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

10 Universal Android Tips and Tricks That You Should Know