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Angles In A Hexagon

A distinctive natural surface for serving cheeses & hors d'oeuvres. Cheese boards come in black with a natural edge. Sourced from our family quarry in upstate New York, each cheese board is packaged with a burlap bag alongside soapstone chalk and anti-slip padded feet. Our hexagonal coasters merge precision cut angles with the rustic, stratified finish of our all natural slate. The temperature resistant stone makes these coasters ideal for your morning cold brew or after dinner hot to...

::Pink and black Echino Hexcentric throw quilt:: I'm a longtime fan of half-hexagon units, love this layout that emphasizes the vertical striping with the hex-angles fading in and out according to low- vs. high-contrasting prints.


Circumhorizon Arc (aka Fire Rainbow) - an ice halo formed by ice crystals located in cirrus clouds. Light passes through the hexagonal crystals and if seen at the right angle forms a rainbow cloud.


From Colombia, these are brilliant pink apatites with glassy lustre are stacked in a chain growth. There are some chips on the lower edge and rear is contacted but they are not noticable from the good display angle. A slight color shift can be seen in different light sources. This find was made in 2004 at the La Marina Emerald mine, this is an very fine thumbnail from that discovery.


Small master bath reno is complete! Hexagon marble floor tile, beveled subway tile, marble accent tile, glass neo-angle shower enclosure. All in all very pleased with the final results!


Gold Honeycomb Skull A challenging exercise in perspective painting. For any of you who have attempted to paint a flat geometric pattern on top of a non flat surface (a face) you will know that the shapes only make sense from the angle in which the picture is taken. In reality- these are not hexagons. Chameleon Face paints with Mehron Metallic Powder in Gold from @tiltmakeup #artoftheday #skullart #skulltress #skullmakeup #amazingmakeupart #gold #goldskull #honeycomb #skull #makeupaddict…


Although each laser-cut wooden component is identical in size, they’s set at different angles to catch the light and depict architectural detailing and lettering that’s similar to the Victorian stone facade outside.