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How A Pet Psychic Changed My Life

I wanted to share how a beautiful earth angel called Faye Rogers – changed my life.   I don’t say this lightly.   I connected with Faye 5 years ago now and my world hasn’t been the same since. Faye is an INTERNATIONAL Animal Communicator (Animal Psychic)


Shaman Discusses: The Butterfly, a Power Animal | Inner Light Healing

from Purpose Animal

How To Boost Your Animal Intuition

HOW TO BOOST YOUR ANIMAL INTUITION:  Want to know the very first thing I recommend to start boosting your spiritual confidence with animals?   Oracle Cards   So what are oracle cards? Oracle cards are normally a deck of around 40 different cards that represent a different theme, animal, or area. Each card has a word, a short message, and a beautiful picture. They are a way to receive guidance in a loving way that is very much about what you are currently experiencing.   The idea behind using…


I often get asked by readers "where do I start with animal communication? What is the best approach?"

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4 Tips To Improve Your Animal Communication Abilities

Want to develop your animal communication skills? Learn the steps to improve your animal communication and connection today!


How do we understand another being? How do we see through their eyes, understand their viewpoint, their perspective, their background, experience, and ways of perceiving their world? How can we step out of our own perspective and into that of another, deeply understanding ways of understanding and being that may be vastly different from our own?

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Serenity Grove Wellness Center LLC

Individual animals, just like individual humans, have their own thoughts, personalities, needs and perspectives on the world in which we live. Our ability to communicate with animals opens up new possibilities of sharing and learning from the wisdom that animals can impart to us.

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An Informative Illustration That Explains What Cats Are Communicating Through Their Body Language

An Informative Illustration That Explains What Cats Are Communicating Through Body Language


How do animals communicate?: Animal Facts: Animal Planet