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Animal Cracker Popcorn Crunch, animal crackers, nuts, pretzels and white chocolate popcorn for a crunchy mixture of salty and sweet! Link includes other baby shower recipes and ideas for a safari themed baby shower! #babyshowerideas

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White chocolate and crushed animal crackers make this a fun snack mix to munch on during movie nights!

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Animal Crackers In My Soup, Shirley Temple. My Tap Song from when I was three! I can still hear Loni "heel toe heel toe"

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Lion King family movie night. Banzai BBQ, Kiara’s corn bread, Simba’s Slaw and Pumbaa’s Potatoes, Rafiki’s Monkey Bread and Banana Pudding with Animal Crackers. Other Ideas: Wildebeast Steaks, Forest Broccoli Trees

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Dumbo Movie Night Dinner - Disney Movie Night Dinner - Hot Dogs, Fries, Soft Pretzel Bites, Circus Peanuts, Cotton Candy and a Snack Mix (popcorn, frosted animal crackers and m&ms - Family Movie Night

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Animal Crackers (1930) - The Marx Brothers. "The gates swung open and a fig newton entered." "When you get near a song, play it."

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Jungle Snack Mix - animal crackers, strawberry yogurt raisins, fruit shaped fruit snacks and green sour punch straws (vines) - The Jungle Book Movie Night - Disney Movie Night - Family Movie Night

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