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{Animal Research Project} Flip Book

Here is an an animal research project flip book!All you need to do is print these. Students (or you) should cut around the black border so you don't have the extra white space on the paper. Then build it! The smallest paper goes on the top, the largest on the bottom.

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How cute is this little guy? What a fun way to showcase a student's animal research project. Pinned by Jodi from The Clutter-Free Classroom {}

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Animal Classification Cut & Paste Pages {for Vertebrates

FREE Animal Classification Cut and Paste Pages for Vertebrates - This Reading Mama

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The joy of being an L2 teacher is that I can use totally elementary English concepts and use them with the more advanced French learners. What a good way to incorporate descriptive writing! (And if it was an animal you SAW, you can use passe compose and imparfait- genius, i know). Oh, and it's FREE.

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Growth and Changes in Animals - A Complete Unit

Teaching second grade science? This is a complete unit for teaching about growth and changes in animals. Your students will learn about animal characteristics, classification, life cycles and more in this animal unit. Perfect for the Ontario Grade 2 Science curriculum!

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Integrate art, science, technology, writing, and reading into a Biomes/Ecosystems Museum Project based learning unit; perfect for 3rd 4th and 5th graders! {chrome books, digital projects, google classroom, animal projects for older upper elementary students}

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Animal Research Project Printables (Small & Quick)

3 animal research printables - a graphic organizer about the animal's life; a draw and write; and a writing piece where students pretend to be the animal.

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