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Beautiful quote by Johnny Depp. - One animal activist organization is PETA *Abuse to animals is so cruel. DO NOT SUPPORT CATS IN JARS....JAPANESE DO THIS...CRUELTY TO CATS................SO SAD.


Pink Gets Naked for New PETA Ad

The singer posed nude for the animal rights organization's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign

Most people aren't able to tolerate the graphic images that many animal activist organizations portray. However, instead of getting angry at the animal industry for CREATING these horrendous situations, people get angry at animal activists for pretending to take a moral high ground. I encourage people to reconsider where they place the blame for the discomfort they feel at looking at gruesome pictures.

make the connection; dairy & eggs don't just magically appear! a living sentient being is confined, tortured, abused & murdered for you to consume that crap...poison to your body...

Feed room. I love the idea of these bins! I definitely want to do this! One bin for each type of feed! And of course, add labels!