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Animan Videos

The end of season 1 really does leave you worrying for this beautiful ship. *^* Kogami x akane forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Edward Weston: The Photographer (1948) This 1948 documentary film about Edward Weston was made late in his life when his legendary energy was failing. He had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and, shortly after this film was made, he could no longer use his large format cameras. He made his very last photograph the year this film was released

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This Vinyasa Flow Is Crazy Good (Video)

If you're anything like me, you go to the same yoga class, at the same time, with the same teacher on the same days of the week and you're getting a little uninspired by the same mundane intermediate flow.

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3layercat: Stop Animal Testing (Illustrator/Photoshop Image) This was also printed as a 3 layer silkscreen image with a halftone background and a hot pink to light pink gradient fill on their heads with purple line work; I am in the process of scanning them in and I will be posting them soon.

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Ailyn Giménez of Sirenia. Sirenia is a metal band from Stavanger, Norway.

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