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This just makes me super upset because it's Kaneki from TG and you will understand that this quote is so super true if you've watched the anime ;-;

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Hichigo i feel like he would actually say that if this was a real conversation, well, more like laugh manically at first.

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And not give me the same advice that EVERY SINGLE PERSON GIVES ME to just walk it off and power thru it.

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Love poem by Aisaka Taiga... Beautiful... Just beautiful... Breath taking... literally...- Toradora!

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Traduction FR : Nous sommes tous dans le même jeu juste à différents niveaux, négocions avec le même Enfer juste avec différents demons

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Traduction FR : Je préfère me laisser auto-détruire, que de laisser les autres savoir ce qui m'arrive.

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