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i get eve but..... Can i have natsu!!!!!! please!!!!! he is my baby!!!!!

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TOMOE!!!!!!<< Levi <<<< kaneeeekiiii my baby don't die no no u didn't deserve this ur perfect I'm sorry

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Fairy Tail - June (Poor people who got AOT, TG and / or Another (a lot of deaths..) || Anime

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Anime Horoscope, who is your One Piece character best friend?, Zodiac signs, text; Zodiac Signs

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Capricorn waaaah nice eyes *^*

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b-but I'm anything but a Yandere ;o; I'm not evil okay -3- A life lesson from neko: Scorpio doesn't mean evil... Scorpio can mean a lot of things with a tiny bit of bite-your-head-off-if-you-hurt-me-or-my-loved-ones in the mix m'kay!!

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Weird but cute

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