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Looks like something I would do.... XD no but seriously I would do this.

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Exactly all i listen to are anime songs! ( lol, even though i had no clue what they are saying! )

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I don't see what's important about understanding the lyrics of a song. I've never listened to music for the lyrics, but that's just me.

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Instead of American stuff, I would make it full of anime figures and plushies on the shelves and a printed picture framed of my favorite Vocaloid/anime songs

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Amo muito as aberturas e encerramentos de FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood! Principalmente a primeira abertura!

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My sister's and I sometimes sing along to the RWBY theme song... We also sing to the Shugo Chara opening/ending... Well, we used to, until they changed it...

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THE GAARA SONG! My new favorite anime song!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! I CAN'T HANDLE THIS I LOVE IT SO MUCH

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"Can you hear the silence? Can you see the dark? Can you fix the broken? Can you feel my heart? " -Anime: Charlotte (2015) Edit by Karunase

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