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Artificial intelligence is real now and it’s just getting started

Artificial intelligence is already very real. Not conscious machines, omnipotent machines or even reasoning machines (yet), but statistical machines that automate and increasingly can outperform humans at certain pattern-recognition tasks. Computer vision, language understanding, anomaly detection and other fields have made immense advances in the past few years. All this work will be the stepping stones for…


Machine learning algorithm cheat sheet

Machine Learning Algorithm cheat sheet: Learn how to choose a Machine Learning algorithm.


Top 10 Anomaly Detection Software -

A simple approach to anomaly detection in periodic big data streams One of the signature traits of big data is that large volumes are created in short periods of time. This data often comes from connected devices such as mobile phones vehicle fleets or industrial machinery. @tachyeonz

Real-Time Anomaly Detection and Contextualization


Real-Time Progressive Hyperspectral Image Processing : Endmember Finding and Anomaly Detection

Hyperspectral Image,Time Progressive,Anomaly Detection,Image Processing,Real Time,Finding

How to build an anomaly detection engine with Spark, Akka, and Cassandra?

#IoT Rocana Announces Industry-Leading Anomaly Detection in Rocana Ops 1.3 #risk