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Another Word For Surprise

Another great packing list!  The ultimate Disney World packing list – download in Word and PDF formats

The ultimate Disney World packing list - Word, PDF and Google Docs formats

Another great packing list! The ultimate Disney World packing list – download in Word and PDF formats

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Also the fact that due to gender norms, men aren't surpassed to love a woman, they're supposed to want her for sex, and upon realization that she dismisses him, he moves on to another woman or convinces her she wants him. And then also, women having an independent mind, not wanting a man.

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Another liberal bullshit pin...with more name-calling, bullying and labeling..where is there concern for PC here??

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Another month has gone by without a single word from you and you act surprised I'm quiet when finally call and tell me how busy you've been while I'm fighting for my quality of life. Thanks my no longer friend.

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People will judge others according to their own life, and while judging is wrong in the first place, it also says more about them than about you. Don't worry about those people, if they lived one day in your place, they'd be astounded, overwhelmed, surprised, and never ever judge you again... so for now, just forgive them for their ignorance.............

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More Republican legislators arrested for bathroom misconduct than trans people

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The Qur'an and Science: 08. The Expanding Universe: In 1925, American astronomer Edwin Hubble, provided observational evidence that all galaxies are moving away from one another, which implies that the universe is expanding. The expansion of the universe is now an established scientific fact. This is what the Qur’an says regarding the nature of the universe:وَالسَّمَآءَ بَنَيْنٰهَا بِاَيْىدٍ وَّاِنَّا لَمُوْسِعُوْنَ“With power and skill did We construct the Firmament: For it is We Who create…

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The Tampa Bay Times and The Center for Investigative Reporting have released a list of “America’s Worst Charities,” 50 organizations that raised billions of dollars, but give as little as 3 cents on the dollar to the actual cause! THREE cents on the dollar?! This should be illegal. Review, and spread the word.

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