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How is your relationship with your Lord, Allaah?

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Because He is the one who made it (human hearts),

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That BIG pause before the.... DUH moment!!! I REALLY like the idea, go to the middle east and do that!!!! then we may actually care about what you think and feel lead to preach!

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Fatimah's Story - when she is talking about her grandmother channeling a demon and compares it to Muhammad and his "revelations." Goodness, how awful!!!

It is time to seek the Lord, on his terms &conditions. Islam is the Final Message to man. If your life &those you love are a little dear to you, pay attention. Listen. Think. Consider. Decide. But take the right decision. An error of judgement could be fatal. Call upon His help. Ask Him &He will answer you. Oh, you don't need an internet connection. Keep The Faith.

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To help you fight the war against creeping Islamization, here are answers to several common responses you are likely to get for your anti-Islam views: CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW: 1. But it is just a ...

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