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22 Everyday Products You Can Easily Make From Home (for less!)

#17. Homemade Ant Poison (THIS STUFF ACTUALLY WORKS!) -- 22 Everyday Products You Can Easily Make From Home (for less!) These are all so much healthier, too!


All natural green ant killer for pennies and it works just as well as expensive poison! >> good to remember for those pesky ants around the back steps!


Dried Bay Leaves - Make ants disappear, FOREVER! The absolute BEST was to get rid of ANTS! Take a handful of dried bay leaves and grind them in a blender until they have turned to a fine powder. Sprinkle anywhere you are having problems with ants. Indoors or out! I do this to keep the ants off of my hummingbird feeder. The best part is it works for months and will not kill the ants or other creatures, but makes them go away. Safe to use around pets and children...will have to try this.


Poison Ants DIY

Best Homemade Natural Ant Killer!!!! Cotton ball soaked with warm water mixture of borax and sugar!! Muwaaahahaha


Ant killer - this actually worked! I have a whole box of Borax soap if anyone in SL needs some to get rid of their ants


One of the odder pins I've put on this board, but there are always ants in the kitchen in the summer! This kills them INSTANTLY and is easy to clean up. Pet friendly too. 1 T- hydrogen peroxide, 1 T- dish soap, 1 T- mouthwash

Get Rid of Pesky Ants NATURALLY with These 3 Household Ingredients


Spring is here, the sun is out ☀️, and so are the ants ! YUCK! Every year they manage to make their way into the house when it starts to warm up. With a toddler and pets in the house, I am obviously not going to use a toxic ant killer. So, I immediately grab my oils and whip up an ant spray. In a 2 ounce glass spray bottle: 10 Peppermint 10 Lemongrass Topped off with water Shake well and spray on ant trail, window sills, and door ways. Bye bye ants! And as an added bonus, my house smells…