You've heard of postpartum depression - but depression DURING pregnancy is common, too. Here's what pregnant moms need to know.

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No matter if the sun was shining, no matter where I went, no matter who I talked to, everything felt dark. Everything was black. I couldn’t laugh; I didn’t know what the hell I was feeling. Suddenly I did not want this pregnancy. I hated myself, my life, where we lived, my work. I simply despised everything. Tears consumed me every day. I was terrified. Everyone told me I would get over it. But I just couldn’t.

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We Need To Talk More About Depression During Pregnancy | HuffPo. I suffered from antenatal depression for 2/3 pregnancies. During my first pregnancy, I didn't know there was such a thing - everyone talks about PPD but no one told me pregnancy hormones could also cause depression and anxiety, and when I tried to tell my OB about my negative emotions, she brushed it off as new-mom jitters.

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Pregnancy is generally seen as a time of cheerfulness, fulfilment and joy. Perhaps because of this, depression in pregnancy can be difficult both for women and the people around them to accept and recognise. If you think that you may be depressed or you are experiencing a dramatic change of emotions during pregnancy, it is important that you talk either to your midwife or GP, so that they can help you.

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The Black Hole of Antenatal Depression

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On Being Depressed And Pregnant, from Becky Harks of Mommy Wants Vodka

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Postpartum Progress® is the world’s most widely-read blog on postpartum depression and all other mental illnesses related to pregnancy and childbirth, including: postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD, depression during pregnancy (antenatal depression), post-adoption depression, postpartum PTSD, depression after miscarriage or perinatal loss and postpartum psychosis. @Katherine Adams Stone

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