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"No one respects the First Amendment more than I do. People have a right to express their concerns and their hopes and dreams to their government.", Anthony Foxx

The future of America is driverless - Anthony Foxx United States Secretary of Transportation

"Making Highways Safe for Bees, Butterflies and other Pollinators" -- USDOT Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx


My favorite actor, comedian, and singer. My absolute all-time favorite entertainer. I Refer to him as #TheMostTalentedGuyInHollywood. He is the kind of entertainer I want to be. I've been watching him since In Living Color. Now he's "Big Time" and deserves every bit of the limelight. He is definitely one of a kind.


It's the one line Alec doesn't cross. He might be the biggest flirt of all time, but he doesn't steal kisses or any other form of affection.


On His Way Out US Transportation Chief Anthony Foxx Sets Drones Free