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Public Schools and the Great War - The Generation Lost, by Anthony Seldon and David Walsh, as seen in The Telegraph, BBC Radio 4's Today programme, the Mail on Sunday and Times Educational Supplement


Lessons in 'character' should be placed on curriculum

Anthony Seldon, the Master of Wellington College, said all pupils should be taught about character and wellbeing. Schools should promote values such as good manners, honesty and punctuality as part of an attempt to build pupils’ “character”, according to a leading headmaster. (UK)


Beyond happiness : how to find lasting meaning and joy in all that you have by Anthony Seldon. As Britain's best-known headmaster he famously introduced happiness, or well-being, lessons at his school, Wellington College. In this book he distinguishes between pleasure, happiness and joy, and offers an original 8-step approach on how to make our lives far more meaningful and rewarding #joyread

▶ Action for Happiness launch: Anthony Seldon - YouTube - Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington College and founder of Action for Happiness talks about the importance of Education in building a happier society. This talk was part of the Action for Happiness launch event on 12 April 2011.

from The Telegraph

A disunited Kingdom... why Brexit Britain is as divided as Europe in 1914

A disunited Kingdom... why Brexit Britain is as divided as Europe in 1914 ANTHONY SELDON Anthony Seldon 26 JUNE 2016 • 6:00AM

Developing good character matters more than passing exams. Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington College and co-founder of Action for Happiness, believes schools should prioritise character above exam results

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Teach pupils manners, tidiness and kindness, says Wellington College headmaster

All pupils should study for GCSE-style qualifications in good manners, kindness and self-control says Anthony Seldon, master of Wellington College (UK)

from the Guardian

Teaching is like parenting: you don't need to have a qualification

'Those who place pay above caring for the young will never make it. Teaching is a vocation as well as a profession.' Photograph: Sarah Lee f...