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Antony Starr Banshee..Thanks for the recommendations to watch this.. I will now never get anything done :/

Alan Ball’s ‘Banshee’ Has The Potential To Be Big

Antony Starr (He just kills me every time I watch Banshee. Every single time I watch a new episode that sexy mofo makes my teeth sweat. Jesus Christ.)

Antony Starr in 'Wish You Were Here' Sydney Primere

Antony Starr Photos Photos - 'Wish You Were Here' premieres at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter. - 'Wish You Were Here' Sydney Primere

Antony Starr as Sheriff Lucas Hood in Banshee.

Antony Starr as Sheriff Lucas Hood in Banshee. / mert, hát, na :D :D :D

Antony Starr

Just realized I've been staring at this photo for several minutes (! Dreamy New Zealand actor Antony Starr.Looks like I may have to move to NZ!

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Anthony Starr from Banshee.

Antony Starr - on Banshee on Cinemax - just a crazy magnetism, he is just WOW

Antony Starr on Banshee - This guy makes me wanna hump furniture!

New Zealander, Antony Starr has a physical role in a US drama created by Alan Ball.  Allan Ball... y'know that fella who brought us True Blood and Six Feet Under.

Crying out for Starr appeal

New Zealander, Antony Starr-- My boyfriend from a show I love to watch called Banshee.

Antony Starr of Banshee, American Gothic. Quotes.

Antony Starr (born 25 October is a New Zealand television actor from Cinemax series Banshee.