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Antimatter Band

danger days just makes me feel happy<< SAME but like also Bulletproof Heart YES I LOVE THAT SONG SO MUCH


Appendix Isn't Useless at All: It's a Safe House for Bacteria, by (Of course it is! God doesn't give us useless body parts!)


Image: Blots of mouse brain homogenates stained with Fox1. Antibody binds closely spaced 48kDa and 46kDa bands.

Blots of crude cow cerebellum homogenate blotted with Aldolase-C. The monoclonal antibody binds strongly and cleanly to a band at about 40 kDa. Other studies show that this antibody does not recognize the very closely related molecules aldolase A or B.

Image: Bovine retinal extracts blotted with rhodopsin. The antibody stains a band corresponing to retinal rhodopsin at about 35kDa. Bands about 70 kDa and 140 kDa are aggregated forms of rhodopsin.

Overview of actin gamma IP procedure using SureBeads Magnetic Beads followed by western blot detection of the IP sample with an anti-actin gamma primary antibody and a standard secondary antibody or TidyBlot. Using TidyBlot enables the detection of actin gamma without interference from the IgG heavy chain; the molecular weights of actin-gamma (46 kDa) and the IgG heavy chain (50 kDa) are very close, which often results in masking of the actin gamma band by the IgG heavy chain.

An example western blot experimental result.The black bands on the photographic film represent antibody detection of the protein(s) of interest.Figure Credit: Magnus Manske