eye candy anton yelchin 25 Afternoon eye candy: Anton Yelchin (35 photos)

Afternoon eye candy: Anton Yelchin (35 photos)

Anton Yelchin - what a sweet tribute<<< when I found out he passed away today, I was heart broken. I even cried. Although I've only seen him in Star Trek and small cameos, I fell in love with him. My little Anton Yelchin: You'll always be remembered. <<<

Star Trek Fan’s Touching Anton Yelchin Tribute Goes Viral

RIP Anton Yelchin _ the young American actor of Russian Jewish descent died on June 19 2016 when his own vehicle pinned him.

Loved his performance as Charlie Bartlett in his self-named movie w/ RDJ

Anton Yelchin, R.I.P.  His talent made him super attractive to me. Rest easy

Anton Yelchin

For ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Terminator’ star Anton Yelchin, the future is now

anton yelchin, 1989 - 2016 << RIP Mr. Chekov, you will be missed (he was only 27 too he was so young)

anton yelchin, 1989 - 2016 actor of Chekov in the new films dies at 27 in car accident 😢