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Antonio Salieri: Famous hater of the Mozart...if you believe the movie. Mozart actually did kvetch about Salieri's "trickery" in letters to his father and the two composers were unquestionably musical rivals.


Antonio Salieri - popular Italian composer in the late 18th century; he was a contemporary of W.A. Mozart, but contrary to popular opinion, they were not bitter rivals.


F Murray Abraham as Antonio Salieri in Amadeus. Layered, subtle, rich and beautifully realised. His performance is the kind that makes you want to become an actor.


The 50 best movie villains of all time

ANTONIO SALIERI, AMADEUS (1984) Extraordinary performance that made me realize Salieri is Everyman


Amadeus.(Francois joseph king of the Autro Hungarian empire, Wolfgang,Salieri and Wolfgang's wife Elisabeth)


Exploding the Salieri myth

Tradition and the love of a good yarn have long cast Antonio Salieri as the murderer of Mozart and a musical hack. Erica Jeal explodes the myth.