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If you start seeds in toilet paper rolls, you can plant the seedlings with their toilet paper rolls directly in your vegetable garden. From Troy-Bilt #Saturday6 garden expert, AZ Plant Lady.

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I thought we would have to give up our vegetable garden this year until I realized that we could grow our vegetable garden inside! This is super-exciting because it means that, even though we live in an apartment and it's winter, we can still have delicious fresh vegetables to help with our grocery budget! These tips for how to grow an indoor vegetable garden are great for learning how much to water and where to plant them!

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How to Regrow Vegetables

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What to Grow in Your Balcony Vegetable Garden

What to Grown on Your Balcony Garden | Martha Stewart Living - Because not all plants play well together, picking to right plants for your container is key to its success.

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Grow an indoor vegetable garden and enjoy your own fresh organic vegetables. What to know for starting vegetable gardens indoors from seeds. Get indoor vegetable growing tips, growing under lights, fertilizer.

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10 Fascinating and Unique Ideas for Portable Gardens

Do you drink lots of wine? Do you like fresh veggies! Well use those nice wooden wine boxes as a mini garden! See so we can have a garden!!!! Edible Gardening in Small Spaces | The Small Garden Love the wine box garden! I love any non-conventional garden!

10 Fruits & Berries to Grow in Containers

Lots of Delicious Options There are plenty of fruits and berries you can grow in containers on a patio, balcony, or porch. Many dwarf fruit trees like apple, fig, and cherry grow very nicely in containers,...

A container vegetable garden that's very easy to take care of and it keeps veggies that spread in their place! (Note: I have gone to all-container gardening in my drought-ridden Central Coast backyard! With water restrictions in place, it just doesn't make sense to spray water in the sand and hope the plants survive. This is a MUCH more effective way to conserve water, and still enjoy fresh veggies! ~SH)

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DIY Compact Vegetable Garden

DIY Compact Vegetable Garden Are you a little tight for space? Have you considered square foot gardening? With this project you can address both of these issues. For the original post and direction…

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