«1/3»Great,the world just became total Hell.All because of a fever that killed the Earth.What more could we ask for? Oh wait....everybody dies.Even those we love,taken by the fever.Just seeing them foam at the mouth and shake aggressively,makes us feel....terrible.But there's nothing we can do,but stick together.Theres only a few of us left,lets make our lives.Worth living till Death comes for us,and when I say that.I mean the fever.

" Chase read the sign out loud. "No sign, we are just going to drive this car off a cliff." Says Bryan." He asked. We look forward as Tommy continues to drive down the highway.

T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

When the roads started closing and traffic backed up for miles, people abandoned their cars and fled on foot. Here is the result of those people leave their cars

I wonder if there's any useful parts. Just a little something left from the engine that used to run. I wonder if the bus was vacant of kids when it was no doubt stopped by some official, or raided by some gangsters. Or maybe it just broke down and the driver called his wife to come pick him up... sounds like an excuse from before the takeover.

The bus echos dully as I stride across the top, as if I'm taking a casual walk…

How many other places can you guys think of?

How many other places can you guys think of

Limnal spaces are simultaneously powerfully soothing and absolutely anxiety inducing

"Yes! Chips!" "RM, those are noodles." "Whatever. Chip noodles. Happy? They were already stale before the outbreak." "That's because you boil them." "Who boils chips?" "They're not chips! Christ. Fucking forget it." | https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12115082/1/Beautiful-Tragedy

In the second of our Class of 2014 series we visit the abandoned homes of Wonder Valley with RISD grad Julie Gautier-Downes