Apollo 16 ascent stage docking [701 x 394] http://ift.tt/2jip2bK


NASA Apollo 16 Sapce Mission, Astronaut, GE, Countdown Event Launch Schedule Card, Lunar Modual, 1972 Moon Landing. Duke, Young, Mattingly

NASA Apollo 16 Sapce Mission Astronaut GE by LuckyPennyTrading

Ken Mattingly's spacewalk during the return from the Moon, Apollo 16, April 1972

And while scientists have refuted the hoaxers most common arguments like how the Apollo flags apparently wave in a vacuum, there’s one interesting way to prove that we did in fact land on the Moon that we don’t see all that often: the movement of dust kicked up by the lunar rover on Apollo 16.

Apollo 16 crew in 1972.: 26 Amazing Photos That Left a Huge Mark in History. You Have To See This!


The Apollo 16 crew: Thomas K. Mattingly II, command module pilot; John W. Young, commander; and Charles M. Duke Jr., lunar module pilot.


A Look Back at Apollo 16


Apollo 16 DVD NASA SPACE MISSION (1972) | Classic Movies and TV


Apollo 16 Astronaut Charlie Duke at edge of crater.

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