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Shrunken Apple Head Dolls DIY

Ready for a good ol' fashioned craft? Making shrunken apple head dolls is a cheap and easy activity to get everyone laughing! You just need a little patience while they shrink, but it is so worth the wait!

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When I was a small Child, an old Neighbor Lady named Mrs. Callings had an old Couple (Husband/Wife) sitting in rocking chairs with glasses (bent wire) on Apple Head dolls! They were so REAL looking to me as a Child.. I've made one about 12 yrs ago, but didn't like how it turned gonna try it again!!! ;))

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Apple dolls are made by carving a face in an apple and drying it. Due to the different effects drying produces, no two dolls are alike.

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Black Apple Doll

the original Black Apple Dolls pattern. Very cute and was featured on Martha Stewart! Love how simple and easy this is!

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Shrunken Apple Head Dolls DIY

DIY: Shrunken Apple Heads - a good ol' fashioned craft that is cheap and easy... and guaranteed to make you laugh!

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Black Apple Doll

Black Apple Dolls (made by Delia Creates) from the free pattern on Martha Stewart by Emily Martin.

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