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How-To:Delete and opt out of macOS Sierra automatic downloads if you dont want to upgrade If you rely on your Macand dont want to upgrade to a newly released operating system you may want to opt out of the automatic download that Apple is starting to push for macOS Sierra. If your Mac has already downloaded the macOS Sierra installer and you want to remove it from your hard drive you can do that too and opt out of future automatic downloads. Heres how more Filed under: Apple…

Mac OS X login passwords put at risk An apparent programming mistake in an update to the Apple operating system, tied to FileVault encryption tech, could expose passwords in clear text.


iOS 10 | | 'iOS 10� is a guide for the brand new iOS 10, Apple's operating system. This book explains in details all new features and improvements of iOS 10, with the help of pictures and glossary terms.

Apps | Mayer-Johnson dynavox apps System Requirements: iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch device running the iOS 3.1.3 and above Apple Operating System.


What You Need to Know About Apple’s Software Upgrades

The Apple operating systems of iOS, tvOS, MacOS and WatchOS will be upgraded in the fall.


Q - What's the difference between a good phone and a great phone? A - You can use Talk360: Low-cost International Calls on a great phone! Download Talk360 now for your Apple, Android or Blackberry* device. #throwbackthursday #tbt * Blackberry devices using Android operating systems only

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Apple's operating systems: Fortresses or prisons?

Apple continues to add features that close the operating systems to competition but at the same time make them more secure

Mac Week: The 'macOS' of 2016 vs the 'Mac OS' of 1984 Read more Technology News Here --> September 20 2016 marked the glorious return of Mac OS err sorry "macOS" at least by name and with it a host of new features and capabilities for Apple's various Mac desktops and MacBooks. This return to a name that Apple hasn't uttered much since 2012 has made us a bit nostalgic here at TechRadar for the "Mac OS" of old. (Because that's what aging tech nerds do.) This…


The Everything Guide To Apples: The Best Kinds For Pie, Cider, Applesauce, And More

Apples to bake with: An Entirely Different Kind Of Apple Operating System #refinery29