Apple tree care

With shears, a pruning saw and common sense, you don't have to be a tree surgeon to improve the appearance, yield and health of your apple trees.

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Learn how to grow an apple tree in container in this article. Growing apple trees in pots require some care and maintenance that is given below.

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Information On Common Diseases Of Apple Trees - Apple trees are one of the most popular fruit trees in the home garden, but among the most prone to disease and problems. This article will help with common issues so you can better manage them.

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Rejuvinating a Neglected Apple Tree - First thin undesirable interior branches that are diseased, broken, growing upward or downward from the scaffolds (main branches), or branches that cross or crowd other branches. To reduce tree height cut upward growing branches off at an outward growing branch that ios nearly the same diameter and about the height that is desired for the tree. On severley overgrown trees that are much taller than desired, make no more than 3 or 4 of these cuts each year…

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