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First, although this lesson seems to focus on teaching youth…almost everything from this lesson applies to teaching adults too.  You have a prayerful choice ~ if your audience is younger and …

Wow what an amazing idea to teach the history of the atom to students with learning difficulties. Not only the atom but this method of teaching can be applied to any number of teaching topics. I've also incorporated this activity into my Atomic Theory Lesson, link in the article.


Compound Interest College Loans Project

Real-world applications are taken to the next level when they actually apply to students. You can use college loans to teach compound interest and get students thinking about college now. See what we did in my class...


If every teacher taught like this I would not have to teach writing during social studies to my 12th graders! But since not every teacher is like this, I can use this awesome blog with a few tweeks and apply to my high schoolers :)


Harnessing the power of social media, it is now possible to apply to teaching jobs immediately after employers publish an opening. Visit the Teach Abroad job page on to begin applying now.


This is the PDF for the new 2011 InTASC Standards! They used to be principles, but now these apply to my teaching career. Enjoy their explanations on this document.