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appreciation = love! highest vibration. align to that!!! whoo-hoo, yeah!

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Bet that'll change how you make some decisions

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If you could channel that impatience into appreciation of the idea, so you're satisfied with where you are just a little bit and eager for what's coming next, that takes that impatience out of it. And when the impatience is gone then the ideas will begin to flow.

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I collaborate with others.... I help others reach their goals..... ok, ok, fine!!!! Doesn't mean I have to be happy about it!

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If you love a flower…

So true! As I go on alone ever day , I realize something so simple can make a world of difference in a person, and there lives relationships - from here on I will appriciate & not feel like my possession - let it be ! let it be !

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Mickey Mouse appreciation board. Kids can leave appreciation messages to their friends and leave them inside their individual Mickey.

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Therapist Appreciation Week aka Teacher Appreciation Week... At Mcrory Pediatrics Preschool... Classroom Door Decorations... Hollywood Theme...

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