April Bloomfield turns classic mushy peas into an elegant spread in this minty and lemony recipe.
The English chef April Bloomfield is known for her love of meat, but her vegetable-centric cookbook “A Girl and Her Greens” is stuffed with the produce she discovered while cooking in Mediterranean-influenced kitchens like Chez Panisse and London’s River Cafe Often, she simply treats a vegetable as if it were meat, like this whole head of cauliflower Braising it in tomato and anchovies, as if making an Italian pot roast, produces a richly satisfying entree
SCOTCH EGG ~ this uk pub favorite is made of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage, bread crumbs, then baked or fried. regional variations: 1) manchester egg = pickled, wrapped in pork and lancashire black pudding, 2) worcester egg = pickled in worcestershire sauce, wrapped in sausage and white pudding. gateway: april bloomfield at this post's link + + heston blumenthal [UK]…
This recipe is from the British-born chef April Bloomfield, who says it dates back to an era when an English pub might cook a hunk of meat by dangling it from a hook above a roaring fire. The “pudding” emerged from a pan full of runny batter that would have been placed beneath the meat to soak up the juices. “The heat of the fire would make the Yorkshire pudding rise up, and all the fat would seep in,” she said. (Photo:   Joshua Bright for NYT)
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Warm Bacon-and-Egg Salad -"I like a fried egg," says April Bloomfield about the topping on her arugula salad. "Especially when it's fried in bacon fat." She likes to use rich duck eggs when she has them.  (from Food & Wine)
It would be a tragedy to go to April Bloomfield's The Spotted Pig and not order at least one round of her exemplary Deviled Eggs.  They're just too good not to try, at least once.  The thing is, they're not all that far off from the basic recipe, mayo, mustard and paprika are all there, but Bloomfield's added a few tweaks that round out the flavor, giving them an eggy, tangy richness that makes them so irresistible.
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