For all those pranksters out there...this is for you. If April Fools Day happens to be your favorite day of the year, this a list of some epic pranks you could attempt to pull off. Some of them are super mean, while some of them are just plain hilarious. I guess it depends what kind of prank person you are. Either way, have fun!

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Print out a horrifying image and leave it in a co-worker’s desk drawer. | 29 Insanely Easy Pranks You Need To Play On April Fools' Day

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The 26 Most Brilliant April Fool’s Pranks Ever. Some Are Just Evil!
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This sheet technique that won’t haunt your dreams. | 15 April Fools' Day Pranks That Are Actually Unforgivable

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There’s always at least one person in every office that is known for pulling pranks. With April Fool’s Day coming up, you may be interested in what that person may have up their sleeve or what you can do to get them back this year. Have fun selecting your targets and which prank you chose to make a memorable April Fool’s Day.

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