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FROZEN MINT – 6 Teal Mint Green Hair Chalks

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Want Colorful Hair? This Is Your Ideal Shade

These colors complement your complexion and make your eyes pop -- all while showing off your phenomenal personality.

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Reeallly want this hair next. I need to get some new wigs so I can do it.. that way work can't say a dang thing to me :)

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Turn Any Yard of Fabric into a Chic Beach Wrap

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Which Female Fairytale Character Are You?

"Hello, I'm Melody Frostmen. You have probably heard of me. I'm from Caste 2 and as you probably know, I'm a model." She said with proud and cockiness. "I'm so /happy/ to finally meet the charming prince, as well as the other ..things.. I mean girls! Sorry~!" ((I MADE MY OC!! IDEK IF IM PROUD OR NOT!!))

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