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Aqua Water Filter

from AXS

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After lots of research, we went with a Big Berkey water filter for our home and I love it -- the filters last forever and can be scrubbed, they don't need to hook up to anything, they require no power, they filter tons of impurities and can make even dangerous water safe to drink. And the water tastes really good.


Katadyn Pocket Water Filter. Pocket water filter designed for outdoor enthusiasts and international travelers.


Aquaponics is the cultivation of fish and plants together in a closed loop eco-system whereby fish waste provides natural fertilizer for the plants and in turn, the plant roots clean the water for the fish. It is a completely natural and chemical free-system that results in both animal protein and healthy, fresh vegetables


While the plants do a good job at cleaning the water, a sump tank made of a few filters in a cheap tote will save having to clean up more often. Managing ammonia vs ammonium for the necessary bacteria levels is hard work and this can help!


UNLIMITED WATER FROM AIR (Pure & Fresh) Our new Atmospheric water generator producing pure clean and fresh drinking water straight from the humidity in the air! Throw a few solar panels or a wind turbine & you have off grid water anywhere!