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8 Aquarius Quotes and Sayings that leave you speechless

NASA to change zodiac signs? People are freaking out over these new dates  -

NASA to change zodiac signs? People are freaking out over these new dates<---- well yeah because now apparently I'm a Libra?

Lmao... I remember that day! -js

Aries and Sagittarius. I'm Aries my friend is Sagittarius and we would be playing paper volleyball in the back and Leo (my other friend who's a boy) would be flirting with EVERYONE and my Gemini friend(s) would skip class

I'm Aries..and yes..when I'm sad and depressed I act like Little Miss Tough

I'm a Sagittarius, but I act more like a Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini, Libra mix

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An Aquarius man is one of the 3 best matches for a Pisces woman; Aquarius men are second to the Pisces man! I'm a pisces and nick's an aquarius.

I'm not an Aquarius but this is definitely how I feel. I knew what i was signing up for

For all people out there with the Aquarius star sign and water lovers ,I know I'm one of them

Not really putting my head down, but I do look away and pretend you don't exist as I speed past you XD (Virgo)

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Most of these are accurate except for Scorpio. We'd Barr our teeth at the mother fucker, make a low growl and have to have Taurus, Leo and Aries hold us back while pieces apologized "on our behalf"