Jasmine pushed her towards the horse. "You must go now!" Her heart was breaking, I can't leave you two behind not with that monster!" Jasmine shook her head, "you have to! If Teague finds you, all hope will be lost he'd be unstoppable!" Jasmine then turned around and ran back towards the palace. The horse was stamping his feet to show his impatience. With one last look, she watched her friend disappear into the desert.....written by Madaleine Carrothers an excerpt from Unenchanted: A Genies…

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Looked in Marocco for a outfit like this, beautiful but far too above my budget. Really love it..

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She wore the gold only as a distraction. Nobody could know who she truly was. She had worked magic into her jewelry and clothes to hide her face in plain sight. She could never be seen and she could never be found.

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Vintage Arabian Princess Slip on Leather shoes Embroidered with gold thread on Black velvet 1950's ON SALE! 50% OFF on Etsy, $40.00

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