ashta , If you are familiar with Middle Eastern Arabic Sweets,then you would probably know that "Ashta" is the queen of sweets fillers! "Kashta or Ashta " is the common Arabic name for clotted cream prepared with rose water. Ashta is mostly used as a filler for many Arabic desserts such as "Kunafa, Halawet El Jebn, Eish AlSaraya,Qatayef,..." and so many other sweets.It may also be served with honey or on top of fruit salads and fruit cocktails.

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We love desserts! And if it is Arabic sweets, we love them even more. I just cant get enough of Arabic sweets, so i am always in search for recipes. You all must be aware of my love fo…

Arabic Sweets

Arabic Zeal » Kunafe Nablusia ~ The Queen of Arabic I definitely need to make this for dad one day

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Milk pudding called mahalbia in our region. But I call it heavenly. All my friends just love it.

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