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Evolution of the arc reactor

Tony Stark. We tend to forget that the arc reactor housing is literally fused to his ribcage now, as in YINSEN HAD TO SAW OUT HIS STERNUM (without decent painkillers or sterile working conditions, and they probably can't go back and fix it up because messing with the baseplate too much could kill him). I think Tony deserves some credit for not being more messed up than he is. I mean, wow. He should be taking it easy on a beach somewhere for the rest of his life.


Iron Man Arc Reactor Video tutorial, DIY Wearable

Iron Man Arc Reactor, DIY Wearable by MegaManSolid

Iron Man -Stark Industries - Arc Reactor Blueprint by stntoulouse

The Iron Man II Arc Reactor has been replicated full size, 1:1 with an intricate stand. Stand and Arc Reactor are both made entirely out of PVC,

Power Your Jewelry Box With This Arc Reactor Ring by Paul Mitchel Designs #TonyStark #IronMan


Iron Man Arc Reactor and Repulsor Arm

Iron man arc reactor and glove


How to make an Iron Man Arc Reactor

Man Arc,Arc Reactor,Iron Man


Make an Iron Man Arc Reactor

Make your own Iron Man arc reactor. Just might do this one day...You could be Tony Stark for Halloween