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The Ascended Masters of Light

Archangel Uriel prayer #angels #archangels #quotes More

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Archangel Uriel - The Archangel of the Sun and Light

Invocation to Connect with Archangel Uriel

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Meet Archangel Uriel, Angel of Wisdom

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Perfect, sacred synchronicity timing support from Archangel Uriel for my vision and study of Sigil Symbology as part of The Healing Artist Studio going forward. So Grateful. Visit Chris Alexandria at Angel Chatter who created unique symbols for the angels channeled to her as a card deck: ♥

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Archangel Uriel is a beautiful golden color and you will feel relieved of many old thought patterns and beliefs when you connect with him. He gives us emotional strength, release from worries, relief from grief, claircognizance, and inner peace.

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Archangel Uriel - The Archangel of the Sun and Light

Archangel Uriel, lighten my mind and provide fresh ideas for bringing harmony and joy into my life!

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