Snap out of it lyrics

"Darling how could you be so blind?" Snap out of it, Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys: they've made a lot of good stuff but nothing was as awesome as the pure brutish rock they made on their first album. They had no image and it was beautiful.

Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong - Arctic Monkeys (fucking long name album, y'all know what it is)

Set out to see you go, was sorta hoping that you'd stay

Simmer down and pucker up / I'm sorry to interrupt / It's just I'm constantly on the cusp / Of trying to kiss you (Do I Wanna Know?

Do I Wanna Know? Arctic Monkeys lyrics #AM ... baby we both know, that the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say tomorrow day ... love this song and the way Alex sings it... f'kn sexy voice.

Crawling Back to you. been so long arctic monkeys. Finding songs that speak to me.

Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?

The Arctic Monkeys songs tend to be realist rather then pretending that everything is perfect. Their songs also seem to be quite sad and down hearted and this attacks a certain crowd.