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3W 4'x4' Arduino Laser Cutter/Engraver

Want to learn more about programming arduinos? - 3W 4'x4' Arduino Laser Cutter/Engraver


Build Your Own Arduino-Powered Laser Cutter


Arduino Laser Tripwire

The Arduino is great, you can make it do pretty much anything you want. I wanted a tripwire. This is just the circuit and the code, you can use it for quite a few things, like a trigger for a camera, or you could make it shut down your computer if someone crosses it.When I have the time, I want to hook it up to an electric airsoft gun with a relay and have it shoot you when you break the beam. I suppose I'll add to the Instructable when that happens.So let's start!


Pocket laser engraver.

Pocket LASER engraver. Uses VD drive parts for motion. I feel its time to share my latest project - a low cost laser engraver,. The workspace is a bit small but none the less it works and comes so cheap that most will be able to replicate the result. I did take a few shortcuts, as I feel I dont have the knowledge to do all the electronics I opted for readymade but low cost in favor of trying to make my own (and most likely fail). All parts used are however easy to find.


Arduino Laser Engraver Wood Design!

It can cut through paper and cardboard, and engrave all kinds of wood. Such a fun tool to have around the workshop!


2W Arduino Laser Engraver/Cutter

It has already come in handy for cutting out templates to use in other projects. Finally, I've gotten around to making an instructable on it. Hopefully it will help and/or inspire some of you!