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Arduino Motor Control

Good diagram of Arduino (or a Raspberry Pi) linked to a solenoid (or electric strike plate) via a MOSFET, with tutorial.


GSM Pump Motor Controller Circuit using Arduino


Arduino with accelerometer servo motor

In our project, we will control a servo motor via bluetooth.We do with motion-sensitive accelerometer control measures.more information:


Use Arduino with TIP120 transistor to control motors and high power devices

Hello again. So you have a DC motor or lamp but no matter how you connect them to your Arduino they just won't work? Guess what, the Arduino is a brain that comes with small muscles. It can control LEDs and other low power nicknacks but not those power motors or lights you need for your next project. The Arduino is good at thinking but not for heavy lifting. Lazy lad. There are a few add-ons out there that you can buy such as power and motor shields for your Arduino. They have all the…


Build Your Own Arduino Controlled Robot

Build Your Own Arduino Controlled Robot. This example from the popular "Make" Movement shows that building robots is easy if you have the right parts. This Make: Project shows you how using readily available items from the Maker Shed. All you need is a 4WD platform, a motor shield, a PING))) sensor, and an Arduino Uno. Put everything together, load the code, and you’ll have a great robot platform to build from. Meets S1, S3, S4, S6, S8, E3, E1, E6, E2, E6, S2, & S5 Standards.