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Safe Essential Oils For Children

KID SAFE CHART check it out! We want to mention that if an oil is not on this list it does not mean that it is not safe to use on younger children. These oils were chosen by Plant Therapy’s e…

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Let's be sure to keep our furry family members safe- this is a great list of essential oils that are safe for DIFFUSING with dogs and cats. via

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Essential Oils That Are NOT SAFE for Cats | Anarres Natural Health

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Essential Oils That are Safe During Pregnancy and Nursing - DO you know which oils are safe for use while pregnant and breastfeeding?

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Using Essential Oils Safely on Children

While essential oils can be a great remedy for many ailments, it's important to know their side effects and which ones are safe to use on children.

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Here's a great chart to Print and Keep for An Essential Oil Pregnancy Only use Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils which are safe for pregnancy and nursing. Available at #pregnancy #safepregnancy #essentialoils

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Some essential oils are not safe before a certain age no matter the brand simply because of the compounds they contain. Here is a list of essential oils with Age Restrictions. Included on this chart updated 6/26/15 are warnings on respiratory issues, blood issues, dermal applications and hazardous oils for all ages.

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Safe Essential Oils for Young Children

Essential oils have many benefits. But it's important to know which are best avoided and which are safe essential oils for young children. +a FREE Printable |

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