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Area Notes and Practice Worksheet

This 4 page lesson includes a page that details the formulas for finding the area of a square, rectangle, triangle, parallelogram and trapezoid. The second and third pages are practice problems. Answer Keys included!

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Derive the formula for a parallelogram using only the formula for the area of a rectangle. It should make more sense for the student!

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Here are two different versions of a game where students roll dice to create rectangles and then find the area. In one version students count square units. In the second version they apply the formula for area.

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Colorful visual representation of area formulas for rectangles, triangles, parallelogram, triangles, trapezoids, and circles. Great addition to the classroom for elementary education and extremely helpful for remembering area!

Geometry Guided Interactive Math Notebook Page: Area Formulas of Plane Figures

This two guided, color-coded notebook pages for the interactive math notebook on the Area Formulas for 2-Dimensional Figures. (rectangle, triangle,...

Math Journal Sundays

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Formula Review Foldable - Area Rectangle, Parallelogram, Triangle, Trapezoid

Students will review area formulas for rectangles, parallelograms, triangles and trapezoids with this foldable that is perfect for interactive journals. Must be printed front and back. Two practice problems for each figure included for a total of eight problems. Quick and easy prep! Just print and go!

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Chapter 12. IMPORTANT! From Chapter 11, KNOW area formulas for: Triangles Rectangles Trapezoids Hexagons.

3MD7Recognize area as additive. Find areas of rectilinear figures by decomposing them into non- overlapping rectangles and adding the areas of the non-overlapping parts, applying this technique to solve real world problems. 4.MD.3 Apply the area and perimeter formulas for rectangles in real world and mathematical problems.

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