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From Concept to Objectivity : From Concept to Objectivity uncovers the nature and authority of conceptual determination by critically thinking through neglected arguments in Hegel’s Science of Logic pivotal for understanding reason and its role in philosophy. Winfield clarifies the logical problems of presuppositionlessness and determinacy that prepare the way for conceiving the concept, examines how universality, particularity, and individuality are determined, investigates how ju...

#infographic How to manage #conflict at work JAMSO helps #performance for life and business. Find out more on

9 rules for managing conflict at work [Infographic]

#infographic How to manage #conflict at work JAMSO helps #performance for life and business. Find out more on


Arguments with teens: Balancing authority with respect

Part 2 in my series on arguments with teens. This one looks at the difference between authority and respect.

Why Sunday? Although it may not seem to matter on the surface, the Catholic change of the Sabbath from the seventh to first day of the week is in fact a blow against God’s authority.


#foodmeme #foodfan #nutrition A large part of what we do at Vegan Street is address anti-vegan arguments and comments. Today, our 11-year-old son shares a meme he created based on a comment he got from a classmate at school. Nutrition and recipes here:


As an authority figure, don't expect an INTJ to respect what you say just because you say it. - INTJs bow only to one authority: rationality.