Argumentum ad Populum, The Power of Social Media and What You Can Do About It.

Argumentum ad populum @ Wikipedia

I don't know why I find this funny, maybe it's all the red herrings, straw men, ad hominem/populum lately, LOL! STAR TREK Logical Thinking #1 - Argumentum Ad Populum (Appeal to the Majority) - YouTube

Logical Fallacy Bingo: Appeal to Hypocrisy, Inconsistent Comparison, Cherry Picking, Poisoning the well, Fallacy fallacy, Appeal to Flattery, False Analogy, Retrospective Determinism, Nirvana Fallacy, Appeal to Tradition, Ludic Fallacy, Dodge the question, Historian's Fallacy, Misleading Vividness, Appeal to Fear, Appeal to Motive, Fallacy of Composition, Appeal to Ridicule, Genetic Fallacy, Special pleading, Straw man, Hasty Generalization, Argumentum ad Populum, Overwhelming Exception

Argumentum ad populum by AP-696

FOX commits Argumentum Ad Populum

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