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hey guys. so tbh i'm really not stable right now. i am in a really dark place in my life and today has just been really cruddy. life has been really cruddy. so i'm sorry if i haven't responded to anyone's comments or if i promised you a follow back and i haven't yet. i think i'm going to take a break from pinterest for a few days, just till i get back on track. it won't be long. i just think it's time that i start feeling okay again. don't worry about me, i'll be okay :') lots of love…


Avan Jogia and Ariana Grande on the Set of Victorious!!! :) they look like Ariel ad Eric....maybe a real life movie should take place...


Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies~hate to sound typical, but my obvious favorite on victorious.


Democrats Calling Out Republicans As Wife Beaters. Seriously, This Is Getting Nuts… February 18, 2014 With the anti-Obamacare resentment continuing to grow, and a November election backlash looming, Democratic Party operatives are getting increasingly desperate to come up with a message that might fend off the negativity being (rightfully) leveled against their party. It’s gotten so bad in fact, they’re now playing the spouse beater card. Stay classy Democrats…