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Aries: if an Aries gives up it's not because they don't care anymore, it's because you don't care anymore.

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Aries prefer to leave the past where it belongs, so don’t bring up old stuff with them.

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SHITTY HOROSCOPES by Amrit Brar (Seriously Ruined)

How i have felt this week. Thank you for making it make sense-ishhh.... SHITTY HOROSCOPES by Amrit Brar

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Exactly me. Zodiac stuff may not be entirely true, but EVERYTHING I've ever seen about Aries applies to me.

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Aries zodiac, astrology sign, pictures and descriptions. Free Daily Love Horoscope -'s-aries-love-horoscope.html

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This is too true, I don't know how people don't believe in zodiac signs . I'm 100% Aries .

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