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Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): The part of a processor that performs the arithmetic operations.

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Designing an Eight-Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit Using ModelSim

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this is the alu ( arithmetic/ logic unit ) of the central processing unit (cpu) of a computer. the alu performs arithmetic, comparison, and other operations.

Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences

Such a fun activity for my Algebra students to practice Arithmetic Sequences & Geometric Sequences!

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The goal of this project is building a 1-bit "volumetric" discrete arithmetic logic unit, in other words the ALU is going to be build using discrete components and without using a circuit board. Instead, the circuit is stretched and folded into a 3D grid like a origami, using some graph algorithms. To make this possible I am developing an open source schematic editor called Pyrite that contains all the algorithms and tools needed for creating three-dimensional discrete grid...