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Arizona daylight savings

Daylight Savings Time meets The Princess Bride

If not for daylight savings time........and driving to work in the ABSOLUTE DARK......I would not know that that sleazy strip joint on the way to work now has colorful LED lights blinking all around it.......Thanks DAYLIGHT savings time.


or teaching them for that matter! The monday after daylight savings time is always a rough day!


In honor of Daylight Savings Time ending, here's another shot of my house.... at night🌙 (from last week)! This is what it will look like at 5pm soon! 😩 Loved the extra hour of sleep, but hate that it will get dark early now! I grew up in Arizona where they march to the beat of their own drum and don't participate in Daylight Savings Time! 😉 It still feels foreign to me to change the clocks back and forward every year. . Thanks so much for all the get well wishes for my son yesterday! He…

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Daylight Saving, A Mock Movie Trailer Depicting Overly Dramatic Responses to Turning the Clock Back One Hour

The comedy troupe Nacho Punch (previously) has created "Daylight Saving", a mock-movie trailer that depicts several characters reacting dramatically to the concept of turning the clocks back one ho...


Arizona time zone map. Helpful with the change in daylight savings time that AZ does not observe. I remember the good old days when you could dial "Time & Temperature."


a gentle reminder about daylight savings time: if you think last Monday sucked, this one should prove to be much, much worse.


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