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Lou Rawls-Army Paratroopers in Airborne Army Division 1956-58 (Singer/Entertainer)

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93rd Division - The "Blue Helmets," were Negro Soldiers that fought under the tricolor and in French equipment. Four African-American infantry regiments composed the U.S. Ninety-Third Division (the 369th, 370th, 371st and the 372nd). The 93rd Division shoulder insignia shows on its black background a blue French helmet as a momento of the troops foreign service with the French Army. The 371st Regiment, 93rd Infantry Division at a decoration ceremony in Paris, France. 1918.

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First Black To Lead Army Division April 19, 1960 Maj. Gen. Frederic E. Davidson assumed command of the Eighth Infantry Division in Germany and became the first Black to lead an army division.

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Audie Murphy won every valor award for his service in WW2. What a hero first, and second, a terrific actor.

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Christmas Dinner,Korea 1951. Co F, 9th Infantry,2nd Infantry Division.(US Army Infantry School/FB)

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Infantrymen of the division ‘Grossdeutschland’ advance with a Panther’ on the Eastern Front, 1944

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Portrait of a Totenkopf Division soldier in the battlefield during Operation Barbarossa in 1941.

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Rod Serling-Army-WW2-11Airborne Division fought in New Guinea & Philippines (Screenwriter/Producer/Twilight Zone)

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JAN 13 1945 Battle of the Bulge – Germans attempt to escape - See more at: "Dead German lies in ditch along route of Third Army Division advance near Langlir, Belgium." 13 January 1945.

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